Cat Dog Small Animal Visits

Can be arranged in most parts of Leeds – I regularly work in LS4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, 16, 17, 18. Any number of visits can be made per day and depending on the number of animals who need attention, each visit is usually £12.

Visits include anything needed to care for your animals such as feeding, playing, cuddling, chatting, cleaning litter, giving fresh water and medication. I also check that your home is secure, water plants, put bins in and out, take in parcels etc.

Animals are usually so much happier if they can stay in their own home when owners are away. For people who have more than one cat it will probably work out cheaper to have home visits than to use a cattery. With the added advantage that someone is going to the property regularly, can make it look lived in by changing curtains and lights, as well as being able to discover any problems such as leaking pipes etc at an early stage.

City Cats & Dogs are experienced in caring for Chinchillas, Degus, Rats, Rabbits, Bengal, Persian, Tonkinese and Savannah Cats and those needing medication.

One of City Cats & Dogs regular clients is an old dog who is visited every 2 hours when his owners have an away day or evening at the theatre. Another household I visit often have 2 outdoor rabbits, 1 indoor giant rabbit, 3 hens, 12 cats, 1 dog and a tortoise. Most visits are once or twice a day to see fairly ordinary cats which are always loved and very special.

An extra charge is made at Christmas, Easter and Bank Holidays.